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One thing we’ve learned from traveling both the U.S. and abroad, is that there really is no better guide than a local guide. A local guide provides you with interesting background on the past and present history, they steer you away from the tourist traps, and they gain you access to special events that you’d otherwise miss out on. Each one of the Discover The East adventures is led by an ultra-knowledgeable (sometimes famous!) guide.

At Discover the East, we grew up here, we’ve traveled the area extensively, made the contacts, set up special local events, and focused ourselves on creating the most well rounded and authentic trips in the region. The only thing left for you to do is… sit back and enjoy.

Our Excursions


  • The Founding Fathers Tour blew me away. Not only were the vineyards breathtakingly gorgeous and the wines delicious, but the history and cultural lessons behind the wine were fascinating. Discover the East has a winner in this tour!
    Jamee Freitag
  • The Finger Lakes are amazing! I'm so glad we decided to see them with Discover the East. They have created the perfect mix between wine, outdoor exploration, and relaxation!
    Breanne Perreira
  • We booked a private corporate getaway for our team in Long Island.  I really don't know what else to say except spot on!  Everything ran smoothly and they really made it feel as though we were their only clients.
    Jonathan Ronzio