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The Region



If you’ve ever read into the history of American viticulture, you know that our heritage with wine dates back to Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers. Although, after many attempts and even after hiring a consultant from France, the Father of American Viticulture never had any success growing noble European varietals here. Sadly, Jefferson was left dining on $500 bottles of Chateaux Lafite and d’Yquem… I do pity the man.

The 21st Century story of East Coast viticulture is much more promising and delicious. Today we are making Old World wine backed by the styles and history of America. The cool climates of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York and Long Island are lending itself to producing world class Riesling, other whites, and lighter reds, while Virginia is quickly becoming known for their outstanding Bordeaux style blends and richly textured Viognier.

With the country’s first bonded winery, the oldest continuously operating winery, the oldest vineyard in America, and the pristinely preserved battlefields and homes of our founding fathers, the East Coast offers you an exceptional look back into our history as a new and thriving country. The historic icons of the East (Monticello, Mount Vernon, Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Statue of Liberty, The White House, Erie Canal, Niagara Falls, Blue Ridge Parkway, … and many more) are all surrounded by world-class wineries and stunning landscapes.

The history will excite your mind, the mountains, gorges, and lakes your soul, and the wine your palate. On behalf of Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the gang, I invite you to let us show you how we can make your visit to the East absolutely unforgettable.

Oh and did I mention our seafood is to die for, there are still cobblestone roads, the fall foliage is like no-other… well, you get the point. See you soon!

Come join us on an adventure in the oldest (newest) wine region in America!